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  • Attention

    Some countries are currently unable to ship due to Covid. Please see this for details. Due to these factors, we may use a different shipping method from the one specified. If, after receiving your order, we find that we are unable to ship it, we will contact you immediately. The order will then be canceled and a refund will be processed immediately.Please understand this in advance.

  • Packing

    For packaging, the purchased cards are placed in a sleeve, which is then clipped with cushioning cards and further packaged in a sleeve.
    Then, the cards are placed in a packing slip and placed in an envelope.
    The envelope is then placed in an OPP bag to prevent water damage.

  • Return and Refunds

    If you are dissatisfied with the item(s) you receive, please email us within one week of receipt.
    If possible, please email us with photos and other attachments. I will either send you a replacement item or refund your money.
    At that time, I may ask you to send the item back.